Migrate Divvy Window Manager Configuration

March 1, 2021

I’ve been working to migrate to a new laptop and have run into a problem with configuration for Divvy, my window manager.

If you’re also trying to figure this out, your first google search will take you to a blog post from 2013 which just says to copy the preferences file at ~/Library/Preferences/com.mizage.direct.Divvy.plist to your new machine.

This doesn’t work. Once you copy the config and re-launch Divvy, it immediately just overwrites the file.

The blog post also links to a native guide (2016) from Divvy but the link is dead.


Long story short, you can do this with an export + import using OSX defaults.

On your old machine, export your settings into com.mizage.direct.Divvy.plist with:

defaults export com.mizage.direct.Divvy com.mizage.direct.Divvy.plist

Copy this binary plist to your new machine and import your settings with:

defaults import com.mizage.direct.Divvy com.mizage.direct.Divvy.plist

Note: These settings contain your Divvy license key so be sure to treat it as a secret.

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