I’ve had a running document for years in my private notes. Now I’m moving it here for all to see and discover. From simple scripts, to large projects to entire services/companies. Diamond in the rough? Absolute shite? No guarantees with any of these!

Feel free to build/use/steal/augment them!

Crowd source shopping assistant

Mobile app. Upload pics (auto blur face/tattoo/identify marks) and users vote (swipe) to indicate whether or not they like the outfit on you.

Automatic password expiration & rollover

Integrates with 1password or other password managers. Set policy (duration, calendar date, annual, etc.) for your passwords and let the app either:

  1. Notify you its time to rotate the password
  2. Force a rotation on next login
  3. Automatically rotate it with web scrape automation

Street View for hiking trails

Hiking backpack. 3D camera + gimbal. GPS. Battery pack. Hand held remote. Take periodic pix, video or controlled by remote. Mapping for hiking trails. Server side would take this data and map it to some interactive experience. Facial recognition blurring. Legal issues with filming in national parks? Help make national parks accessable. Broker for reservations? Donations?

Inverse social network

Instead of posting updates to Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. You post to your own website. Tumblr microblogging of sorts. Self hosted. Service consumes the site’s RSS feed and re-posts on your behalf to socials you want.

Tangential to

Github bot for spellcheck

GitHub service that automatically spellchecks readme files and the like.

A few of these appear to exist now!.

Sentiment analysis of company social feeds

Best way to get Customer Support these days is to bitch about something on their Twitter account. Monitor that and see general brand sentiment from the feed.

tox + docker + all python versions

Tox for python with docker. Run against every version of python (pyenv) including dot versions. See what sort of things work/break. Good data analysis project. Run top 100 libraries in pypi, scrape their to see what versions they “say” they support, and hit all of them.

This can also be leveraged as regression for python. Test beta versiona against tons of popular libs to see what tests fail.

Auto cut tickets from bugs

Mash between ticketing system and … automatic generate “issue” for any 500 api response and expose them to users.

Auto delete merged git branch

Travis-ci after_success script that automatically deletes the feature branch (on successful merge).

I played with this in a bit but it exists in Github now!

Simpsons GIF Generator

Enter quote (Start and optional end) and it generates a short gif of the scene. scan scripts or subtitles with movies. digitize. FTS. exists now!

Unified Process Interface

CLI interface like an HTTP client. Could you define a transport (like HTTP) for communicating between processes? A more structured pipe? Some library -> unifed interface -> proc/ver/os shim -> process.

Tons of tools integrate with other processes with a popen call. However, depending on the underlying OS and process version:

Can you wrap common CLI tools (dd, grep, find) and unify output across platforms (linux, bsd, osx)? exists now which is a good take to solving the original problem.

Actual docs for pylint error codes

Little to know docs on these fucking these. Site that maintains all pylint error codes, examples, links to documentation, open issues regarding them. All PyQA projects? and exist now!

Mobile Tracking Blocking Proxy

Proxy between your phone and internet to that allows filtering and disable of mobile tracking services. exists now!

Merge multi-day trip GPX files

Garmin watch can separate a single hiking trip into multiple trips/GPX files if configured incorrectly. Write a script that can merge GPX files from multiple days into a single larger trip.

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