Snowplow on AWS Fargate

February 9, 2020

Over the past few days, I’ve been working on deploying Snowplow on AWS Fargate for my company Routegy.

I’m deploying the streaming version of Snowplow, using the Scala Stream Collector and Stream Enricher using slightly modified versions of the official dockerfiles.

However, AWS ECS/Fargate is an undocumented platform on the Snowplow Wiki so there have been some growing pains. This blog series will cover some of the gotchas, problems, and solutions I found along the way.

Part 1: Using ECS Task Role Permissions

Snowplow on AWS Fargate - Task Role outlines how to configure your Snowplow components properly to give them access to the ECS task role.

Part 2: Stream Enricher Gotchas

Snowplow on AWS Fargate - Stream Enricher contains more information for running the Snowplow Stream Enrich component.

Part 3: IAM Permissions

Snowplow on AWS Fargate - IAM Permissions contains IAM policy document examples for each Snowplow component to give it the minimum required security access.

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